A person against a woman's personhood right to make her own health choices in regards to family planning without the woman's consent. Going as far as to abuse government power to infringe their social agenda into other woman person health decisions without their expressed consent of the an individual.

Force birthers consider the alleged rights of a fertilize egg to be more important morally and legally then the individual whom they want to force to bring the pregnancy to full term. Going as far as to infringe the personhood rights of the pregnant woman in an effort force others to follow their social values and norms on reductive rights.

More Extreme Force Birthers wish to go as far as to eliminate the ability of birth control and other safe sex products due to their objects to sex for reasons outside of procreation.
The Forced Birther got angry at the woman that called her out on the fact that they seek to control other's health decisions
by Libertatis January 19, 2021
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1) One who provides a means to force premature birth via drugs, suction and/or forceps and a curette. See also: abortionist
2) (slang) A derogatory term ironically assigned to pro lifers who largely support abortion being illegal in all or most cases on the basis that a "successful" abortion causes the death of a growing human child, most of the reasons not being due to extreme cases such as rape or incest.
PL: "I'm against abortion being legal in most cases"
PC: "You're not pro life you're a forced birther! Are you going to adopt every kid abused in foster care?"
PL:"You don't get out of your echo chamber much, do you?"
by GreenMachineV August 7, 2021
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1: Someone who believes that abortion is wrong to the extent that they wish to ban abortions for everyone, thus forcing women who have been raped, had birth control fail, have a life-threatening pregnancy, or have a terminally defective fetus to carry their feti to term. Also known by the alternate term 'anti-choice' and the more innocent-sounding 'pro-life'.
2: Someone who believes that the rights of an undifferentiated blob of cells that is nowhere near recognizable as human (or anything else, for that matter) has rights that far surpass, in both importance and magnitude, those of the fully formed, living, breathing, thinking individual whom the cells have parasitized.
Note: some forced-birthers even go so far as to bomb abortion clinics in an attempt to kill abortion-performing doctors. Ironically, they do this because they feel that life is so damned sacred. (See also: hypocrite)
Forced-birthers would set a far better example if they stopped screeching at all the pro-choicers and adopted some of the unwanted children who wound up in orphanages because they changed the minds of the women who got pregnant with them.
by Child Hatter May 8, 2003
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Someone who is so strongly against abortion (especially those who have exception clauses in cases of rape, incest, and maternal/fetal death) that would rather force a pregnant woman to carry that child to term whether she wants to or not, then allow her the freedom of choice.
An aquaintance of mine says that if a girl is stupid enough to get pregnant, then she should take responsibility and forced to have the child.
by kright July 7, 2005
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