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An uber pwnage counter strike clan headed by "ElChupa." The clan has been running since late 2005 and currently has 3 servers in cs, css, and wolfenstein: enemy territory. Many new members are added daily. The 1337 members of FoR include Royal Flush, ElChupa, ShortAZN, Tipperman, MotherRussia, allanwonder and Kaneshobi. Their are many more members of FoR, but these are the leet members personally recruited by ElChupa. FoR is currently one of the best counter strike clans out, and rivals team 3d. Obviously FoR is always looking for a clan battle so if you are interested, contact "-FoR- | AMERICA" through XFIRE.
random person 1: Wow my clan just had a scrim w/ FoRForce of Reckon and we got uber pwnd

random person 2: What did I warn you? Never scrim FoR unless your 1337 and uber at taking out chupa the pwnage awper

random person 1: Im sorry, now my clan is in disgrace

random person 2: They are definitely a force to be reckoned with...
by redskins0756 May 04, 2006
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