Third teaming is when you are on both teams and your team. It's hard to do and it's not favored. The number vairies on how many teams there are.
by Can I get a hello August 01, 2018
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Lunch Teaming is a counter-cringe situation card used among humans (e-kids). prevents loneliness smoothly, but only works when no one knows the counter-card.
Alex: Shall we go now?
Philip: Sure.
Sebastian: let's make it cringe.
*no one stand up*
Alex: Philip, lets go!
Sebastian: Oh, so your lunch teaming?
by hentai_69 May 24, 2017
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XForce Team
One Of The Best Telegram Spam Protection Team Managed By God STB

They Made So Many Bots It Will Protect Your Group From Spammers And Abusers

Person 1: Hey Nigga Do You Know About The Excellent Telegram XForce Team ?

Person 2: Yeah, I Know They Will Make Bots And Gban Scammers With Scanners

Person 1: Yes, I'm Going To Join XForce Team Now
by Owner of xforce August 30, 2021
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mananalo sa JCPS ESPORTSFEST 2021
btw ez win ngl nanalo yellow team sa esportsfest fr uwu
by jpcsnambawan December 12, 2021
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A game invented by Stephanie Fowler in Baltimore, MD made famous in the 2000's in Birmingham, AL where people "draft" laughable or terrible people, things, or situations to other peoples' "teams". The person with the most "players" on his or her team loses. The friends who play the game use their own collective, niche judgement within the group to decide if something is bad enough to be put on a team.
1. That skinny dude with the camo shorts and orange vest in the mall is on Your Team.

2. That license plate that says, "Stylish" is on Your Team.

3. Your on your own Team for browsing Urban Dictionary.

4. "Between the old men, the awful singer in the band, and the girl who fell in her high heels and threw up on the dance floor that you put on my team I've definitely lost Your Team for the day."
by DoctorPresident February 13, 2020
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