What you have is worth nothing. "For Garbage" is a bastdardization of "worthless"
"How much you think i can sell this for"
"For Garbage"
by Sadar April 18, 2004
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something to say when you have nothing else to insult with
youre garbage, kid
by j-rob mad fresh April 09, 2010
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1. Discarded or useless material
2. Disliked object or person

See "trash"
1. This computer is garbage now that I've messed it up.

2. Your ideas are nothing but garbage
by theplant October 15, 2003
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Guy: Babe I dont want any garbage candy from the movie theatre!

Girl: But Babe ice cream is more garbager than candy!
by blondebabii215 August 08, 2008
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