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1.)When you have a foot-long penis.
2.)If your penis is touching your foot.
3.)If while you are walking you trip over your penis.
4.)An opposite of "John Hancock".
"Her boyfriend has a footpenis."
by Mason (Tornado) September 17, 2008
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after having some hot and heavy sex for large durations of time, all the blood has rushed from the feet to the penis makin your feet icy as death....
ya after that 3 hours of awesome sex, not even socks could keep my from foot-penis from giving her chills
by sir cock December 30, 2010
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The condition of having a freakish penis-like toe that grows out of your foot about two or three inches higher than the rest of your toes.
Yo, mothafucka, check that footpenis out. I could suck on that nappy ass chuckwad til the motherfuckin Rapture, mothafucka.
by CelineDion September 19, 2008
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a penis grafted to your foot for those with a foot fetish
Girl 1: That dude has a crazy ass foot fetish, he got himself a foot penis

by Ericcil23 December 11, 2008
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A penis that is as long as your foot from heel to toe
Erin: How big is Jared’s cock?
Brianna: it’s as long as his foot. He’s got a foot penis
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by VengeyP22 August 29, 2019
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