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1. A person who feigns an appearence of foolishness or arrogance for their own ammusement.

2. A person who argues against common knowledge or accepted fact for their own amusement.

3. An uncommon surname.
The entire community was irritated by Steve's childish behavior, little did they know however, he was just being a fooliano.
by Nelf June 30, 2005
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A family of hipsters, drama fiends, musicians and hippies. The most eclectic group of people and closer than blood. Their activities are on the wrong side of the law, but hell...they're all still alive, right? The Foolianos are : Mama, Gramps, Grams, Jew, Space Ghost, Jeff Thomas, Jlotto, JaySquared, Em-Cee and Bistro.
"Man...who are those kids? They just punted a kitten!" "'s the Foolianos. They rock Ken Jennings hard."
by Mama Fooliano January 11, 2007
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