1) To ask a friend on chat/email/im (media which by their very nature mean that one is on the internet) a question that could be google'd or wikipedia'd in less time than it takes to ask.
Instead of using google maps like a normal person, Kerry foogled Kelly on gchat asking for directions.

Matt (through IM): Jake, can you tell me Tom Gugliotta's stats in 1997?

Jake: Matt! Don't foogle me!
by Daryl the Janitor March 2, 2009
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A slur that can only be used by people whose names start with T. If your name doesnt start with T and you say foogle, then you hate black people.
Thomas: "That guy is such a foogle"
Guy #1: "Whats a foogle?"
Guy #2: "Woah.. Didnt know you hate black people"
by cazzolinogrande June 14, 2023
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Foogle (verb: to foogle; or past participle:/ foogle-ed): To forget what you were searching for in Google.
1- Foogle (to foogle, foogle-ed, ) "I was so high, after an hour of asking who played "Doctor Faggot" in, "The Hangover?" I went to search it on my phone, but foogled it and was left staring blankly and confused at the Google homepage.
by Sir Shaun A. December 7, 2019
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Boss::Can you turn the Word Doc into a Google Doc?
by MrCole205 April 18, 2018
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A wild beast commonly found in small suburbs across the Northeast. The Foogle primarily feasts on a divine selection of fast food and All-You-Can-Eat Sushi. Foogles tend to be very anti-social due to their heavy work schedule and how much homework they miss. The Foogle primarily chooses to "Feel The Bern" for his primitive partying style. If he is in the company of his friends, he occasionally likes to "take a voyage to the Strawberry Fields Forever" found in Liverpool England
You: Hey man! You seen Alec lately?
My Friend: No My Guy, He's been such a Foogle Recently.
by shedmanridethesevenseas November 15, 2018
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Any large group of homosexuals, like a flock of geese, herd of cows, foogle of faggots
by Fivecountref May 15, 2019
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a foogle is a person in which you would typically find in a bathroom stepping in a toilet full of their own feces.
Me: "Hey Miranda, I just got back from the bathroom. I saw a couple of foogles in there, it was so gross !!"
Miranda: "Ugh, that's disgusting !! They totally belong in the jungle."
by CrustyWallnut December 11, 2018
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