A way idiots say folks, its pointless and doesn't make sense.
"hey folx!"
"you are butchering that word and spelling it wrong, fuck you."
by My thumb is bleeding right now November 08, 2020
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17th century spelling of the word "folks" used by Shakespeare impersonators, pirates, highwaymen, crossbowmen, and vagabonds.
Some account of sir Robert Mansel ... and of sir Thomas Button. I presume yor lo. will fynde to be very stronge besides the qualitie of the peticonars to be lookte vppon, whoe if they be noe other then as folx is stilde mear mariners, it cannot promise muche of their extraordinarie performancis, as hath bin made appeare formerlye in this perticuler designe, ...
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An alternate spelling of the noun "folks," first used in 2001 and popularized by tumblr in 2016. Mainstream and academic use is growing after adoption of the term by LGBTQ+ people, especially LGBTQ+ persons of color.

Use of the "X" emphasizes the existence of binary gender systems (especially in indigenous communities) and suggests support of and solidarity with people who are oppressed and/or marginalized.
Increasing protection for the most vulnerable folx in our society increases protection for us all.
by fxnd April 25, 2019
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A guy with a huge peen and pulls all the girls.
hey, did you see how big folxe's peen is. Its huge!
by BigPPBasher6969 October 31, 2020
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As in, a group multiple people.
The fine folx at the corner diner shorted me my change.
by Ranmoth April 26, 2006
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