A word you use when you are in a Christan Minecraft server and someone is being a dick
Stop taking my diamonds you fob nozzle
by A fa February 10, 2018
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White person rejected by a fob, makes you mental.
I just got fob rejected, now I’m psycho.
by Mikedooey45600 November 23, 2021
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woah its bob ross
thats actually fob soss”
by super gay bitch April 24, 2022
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Wears adidas track pants, adidas track jackets, and either Superstars or Converse. Hair is usually dyed blonde/brown. Listens to K-pop and watches Korean dramas. Hangs out with other FOBs. Basically a hivemind. Usually goes to Chipotle, Starbucks, or Yogurtland in spare time. Posts pictures of food on Instagram with their new iPhones that daddy got for them.
Guy 1: Do you see that wannabe FOB?
Guy 2: Yeah look at her with her adidas trackpants and brand new iPhone.
by Swagadillian Manifesto February 12, 2016
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