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Where one person believes that he/she is very popular, triumphant at every endeavor, and completely within their rights to upset people's lives with only a hysterical laugh. Successful at nothing. Generally hated by all, with varying levels of passion. Has many "friends" who suck up to said Foaxpular person, to gain admission into the outer circles of foaxpulariy. They, too, are generally hated by all. Also known as a wannabe.
Joan: Look at Shellie over there. Preening ridiculously. She's such a Foaxpular person.

Anna: I know. Yesterday, she found out who Little Richard liked and announced it over the loudspeaker.

(In the distance) Shellie: Oh, guys, I tried out for cheerleading yesterday. I be I make the top level!

(Half enthusiastic clapping from followers. Simultaneous snorts from Anna and Joan)
by elsbethromeo September 15, 2009
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