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A term that the subversives at CAIR coined after September 11, 2001 in a attempt to intimidate TSA screeners and other airline employees from doing their job correctly and identifying potential threats to safety and security.
After the five imams were booted off the aircraft, they complained it was another case of flying while muslim.
by Piranha December 04, 2006
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A phrase coined after the September 11 attacks. Basically it describes a situation that Muslims claim to experience when flying. Basically Muslims are being profiled and have extra security measures taken before the are allowed to get on a plain. Due to the fact that all of the terrorists who high jacked the plans were from a misguided and insane sect of the Muslim religion. That does not know the true meaning of the Koran.
A Muslim meeting the profile of a terrorist can expect to experience Flying while Muslim when they try to board a plain.
by Frank Masotti May 14, 2005
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