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1. n. A combination of a witch, a prostitute, and a waitress. They usually fly around on brooms in decent restaraunts that have dim lighting scenarios. If you're lucky enough to find one, she'll cackle while serving you your over-easy burger and banging you, before flying away on her broom, never to be seen again.

2. n. A stewardess who is well known among passengers and crew to provide low-cost (or free) anal sex in the latrine.
Johnny: Dude, we should hit up Red Robin tonight-I just got dumped and I'm feeling lonely.

Chuck: So what's that have to do with Red Robin?

Johnny: Well, last week, Chris said he saw a few flying buttresses there.

Chuck: I've got the keys. Lets go.

Tommy: We should fly Delta this year.

Jake: Why's that, bro?

Tommy: I hear they've got some good flying buttresses.

Jake: Delta it is!
by Definition Mastur October 13, 2013
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A physical act that involves running at your target, usually another person, then jumping and twisting in such a way that your ass lands as high up on their body as possible (preferrably the face). This act can be performed from a higher location, such as a bench or car, in order to get your ass as close to the target's face as possible. The only requirements to qualify as a Flying Buttress are that your feet leave the ground, and that your ass hits the target before any other part of your body. A knockdown is considered a bonus.
Everyone feared Tony's Flying Buttress' because he usually performed them without pants.
by CubanAso October 11, 2006
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The act of leaning forward over the toilet with one or more hands on the wall in front of you to support your weight while you attempt to urinate. This act is usually related to morning wood as it requires either extreme downward force or tilting of the entire body to properly aim before urinating.
"I had morning wood so bad that I had to pull a Flying Buttress when I went to take a piss."
by Akula0812 August 23, 2007
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The funniest term you'll ever hear in architecture history classes.
Teacher: In Gothic-style cathedrals and churches, you will often see a lot of flying buttresses.
Students: *snicker*
by ButtressMan69 September 24, 2009
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A foursome with two women and two men where the men stand back to back hands raised above their heads grasping the each others hands for support. The women stand in front of both men and bend over and touch the floor. The men proceed to have sex with them from behind.
Hey buddy, if you are down I just convinced two girls to come home with us and rock out the flying buttress.
by Diesel Goes to Hollywood May 25, 2009
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1. The arches on a building representing the gothic era building scheme.
2. The act of pooping in your hand after sex and throwing the poop across the room.
1. The flying buttresses on the notre dame are amazing.
2. After John and I had sex, he flying buttressed all over the room.
by Ian1199911999 January 13, 2010
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