Used in the epic show Sealab 2021 (Article 4) to denote a group of females who are particularly fly, or hot.
"No this is the captain, and I'm directing all the fly honeys to say ooo-oooh"
"And THAT is all!"
by El Gringo Nuevo September 10, 2009
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A smokin' hot chick. One of the greatest titles a woman can receive. See also stupid fly honey.
"You will hook Zorak up with a fly honey!"

- Zorak, Space Ghost Coast to Coast
by Drew Chapman August 20, 2006
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An incredibly disgusting smelly substance that is Master Belch's favorite food. Use this item while fighting him in the hideout behind the waterfall, for an easy victory
by Super Nintendo RPG God October 25, 2006
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a single, pretty lady

free = single

fly = pretty

honey = lady
Damn, that shawtyeee is definitely a free fly honey
by Megatron's Purple Penis January 21, 2011
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