The Game Where You Point At Someones Shirt And Call Out Fluro, If They Look At Their Shirt Confused, You Have Successfully Fluroed Someone.
John Fluroed Manny
by Farz66 October 18, 2010
Fluro is another way of saying flourescent, it can also kind of be a way your dressed. very Los Angeles, and young Australia.

I've also heard of Fluro being used as a party.
"oi do you see how fluro riley is looking?"
"Were having a Fluro this weekend!!!So make sure you dress the occasion mate."
by Vince Lopez August 20, 2007
Hey, that shithead just spelt fluoro, fluro. What a dick!
by Bargearse83 October 10, 2017
a tourist who wears flurescent coloured swimmers, reef shoes and goggles everytime they go or look like going swimming.
'oi did you see that fluro touro?' 'yeah they looked pretty cool.'
by billy walking August 22, 2006