To relax, lie down, chill out. To be at one with the TV. To be close to the duvet. Ususally carried out alone, or with one's very closest friends/lovers. To flump is to say goodnight to the rest of the world, close the curtains and switch off the mind to all the stresses and watch rubbish TV or listen to cheesey music.
At the end of a long day, I decided to stay at home and flump.
It's important to have a good flump every now and then.
I just feel like flumping tonight.
I flump, you flump, he/she flumps, we flump, they flump.
I flumped, I was flumping, I would have flumped, I could have flumped, I should have flumped,
by Grubbler March 29, 2006
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adj. A portmanteau of "fat" and "plump," usually reserved for describing poultry while it is still alive.
"Damn, yo, dat chick is flump."
by Penile Bleeding April 08, 2012
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The act of standing back to back with a friend, excreting simultaneously to produce an entwined lump of faecal matter which resembles a Flump marshmellow.
The porta potties are fucking rank. Let's go to the woods and take a flump.
by Blacksun666 June 02, 2010
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the sound that a turd makes as it is forcefully dislodged from the ass by a powerful fart
The explosive pressure in my gut was instantly released following the flump of a turd.
by captainlonghair April 18, 2005
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When two people are standing facing each other, usually celebrating an event, and one goes in for a high five and the other goes in for a fist bump and their hands collide in a dissapointing way
"I was going in for a fist bump, and he thought we were going to high five, so we just kind of.... flumped. "
by ArmyInfantry11B September 17, 2016
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Northern English term for the bulge in the gusset of a females knickers (flump). Sometimes referred to as a camal toe.
'Wow, look at her flump

'She's a flump like a boxers glove'
by Daily flumper January 03, 2019
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