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The stuff/fluff stuff that is the result of, usually a female, giving sexual favors to an individual, but generally to a group of individuals, to obtain the aforementioned stuff.......
hey Erin, look at all the fluff stuff I have gotten this week for blowing the football may have gotten more fluff stuff with the over time put in last week by you but I think I've out done you this time as impossible as it may seem...
by February 08, 2017
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The fluffy marshmallow gooey stuff that you get from the store.

Usually from the creators of the regular marshmallow unless you buy the great value kind like a cheap ass. It's really good, and can be easily addictive if you have too much if it.
Kid:"Hey mom! Did you get that fluff stuff from the store for our s-mores tonight yet?"
Mom: "Yes, I got it last night, dear"
by Kittykatnip January 15, 2014
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