Defined as an individual who praises Pink Floyd. They are worthy of Roger Waters's gift to Rock.
"Wow, andrew listens to Pink Floyd Non stop! He knows all of their trivia! Now thats a Floydian," Said Dave
by Dave the Great August 7, 2004
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strange, bizarre, and/or thought provoking.
taken from the divine classic rock band Pink Floyd, whose lyrics, cover art, and music styles were all of the above.
usually used as a more intense version of strange.
Person #1: That's strange.
Person #2: Its so strange, its floydian.
by austinboston August 29, 2008
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two people who are amazing and love pink floyd so much that they love eachother.

less than three.
those are definently floydians at the concert.
by pf_Kitty December 21, 2009
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\ ˈflȯi-dē-ən ˈfa-lə-sē \ (noun)

The erroneous belief that a single video of police brutality proves systemic racism.
Angry Anjem: "The George Floyd video PROVES Amerikkka is racist!"
Rational Raheem: "Everyone agrees it was appalling. But remember in 2019 the police shot 9 unarmed blacks as well as 19 unarmed whites."
Floydian Fallacy
by Green Gordon June 24, 2020
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floidēən ˈslip/ (noun)

the inadvertent citing of real statistics that contradicts an orthodox, usually Progressive, narrative promoted by mainstream media and academia.
Prof. Tariq: "George Floyd's murder proves beyond doubt systemic anti-black racism in Amerikkka."
Prof. Gad: "The National Crime Victimization Study 2019 suggests otherwise, my learned friend."
Prof. Tariq: "WTF you say?"
Prof. Gad: "My apologies - a Floydian Slip."
by Green Gordon June 10, 2020
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Accidentally use a fake $20 bill when paying for something.
Dude, I just made a Floydian Slip, but the cashier didn’t even notice.
by NOONMAN July 10, 2021
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