Death on a stem. May be a flower, but will also kill everyone you love. Is secretly not Flowey.
"Aw, Flowey's so cute!"
by NyanFawful April 15, 2016
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A cruel person that looks friendly. A flowey may act friendly, but will eventually harass and threaten at any moment.
"Have you seen that guy over there? He looks nice."
"I know him. Be careful. He's a flowey."
by Fazbear61636 April 10, 2016
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The biggest troll in Undertale is this fucking little flower
Game: "This is all just a bad dream!
And you're never waking up!
*Spams window with " AHAHAHA " and closes it*
You: Flowey you asshole
by Psychedelicflyingshark June 08, 2016
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a friendly flower with frendlyness pelits
"howdy im flowey flowey the flower
by kaptainkitten May 13, 2016
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that fucking flower . Is actually a nice baby goat kid that got killed. somehow he became a flower. then a sociopath. piss him off and he makes a scary face. then turns into a tv with grass arms and robot shit. fucking scary shit. don't mess with this douchebag.
by mypenissmells February 03, 2016
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A small flower who only wants to be your friend.

I you talk to him,he'll send "friendliness pellets" your way,which will make your life much,much better if you collect them.
"I'm your best friend,Flowey!"
by Hopes&Memes May 21, 2017
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