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The home of the Bluff Rats, a local term defining trailor trash rednecks that live on the outskirts of South Padre Island
"Did you see that guy? He is a total Bluff Rat." "Yeah, he's definitely from Flour Bluff."
by sugadevil29 August 17, 2008
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An economically depressed suburb of Corpus Christi, it's the last place before you cross the bridge to Padre Island, home of renowned Texas surfbreak; Bob Hall Pier, seedy hotels in which many area "surf stars" were conceived, multiple gas stations that still take checks while acting as stop-overs for the 4 x 4 driving "chimps" from wealthier suburbs and a feeling of disparity when you look in the eyes of local bumpkins, that whatever magic existed gone the way of Sid Vicious...
Hey ya'll, on the way home after that photo shoot last night we stopped off in Flour Bluff at a motel on SPID and pulled a full San Bernardino Sailboat, it was raaaadddd!!!!! He says he wants to get together with the photog for an off roader jamboree tonite....Heeelll yahhhhh!
by otto von jizzalot December 02, 2009
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