Usually describing a woman of sorts. She is rather flimsy and bouncy a.k.a flouncy. To be flouncy, you must not be able to catch or throw a ball & then proceed to laugh at your incompetence as if it was nothing. You know, that girl who tries to be unathletic. The people around them hate how she doesn't try.
That girl is just too flouncy. Let's shoot her.
by worried June 28, 2006
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whenn youre faunltingg a lot or you look fancy and when you act bouncy youre flouncy.
"oh damn shes workin those shorts. she looks reallyy flouncy today."
by wtf:]] February 28, 2009
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The tone of voice and mannerisms used by gay men and teenage girls. The kind of tone that implies -"you're boring, please stop interrupting my fabulous life with your stupid questions."
When he answered the phone at the travel agency, his flouncy speak really put me off. I better take my boring inquiries elsewhere.
by mastermou March 26, 2010
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A short, bubbly hair do with lots of waves and volume. Flouncy do's are hard to "rock" but done well, it is a big hit!
Suzanne: I love your new flouncy do! It looks so perky and curly!
Patty: Thanks. I was nervous at first but I love it!
by GunterCB October 6, 2013
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