to be red or ruddy in complexion
The woman after working all day in the sun, her face was florid from sunburn.
by L. Winona August 16, 2006
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Excessively intricate and lavishly beautiful.
She was lost in an impromptu, florid dance while enchanting music filtered in from afar. Twirling in the sunbeams, leaping in the dust.
by SOUSAGOOSE June 14, 2019
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An alternative form of the word "nigger" spoken by caucasian individuals while talking amongst themselves. It is used for free usage of a derrogetory term without alarming or offending those around them.
"we'll never win if play against the florids"
by eihcuop July 10, 2008
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Klaus floride was the bassist in the dead kennedy's in 1985. his real name is geoffrey lylall. When jello decided to creat his band he was the second one in. now 16 years later dead kennedy's has reunited. but idioticly trials about jello by the rest of the band have excluded him.
"I can never hear klaus on the bass"
by pilar March 16, 2005
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