When one is

A: preforming oral sex on another who has a visible sexually transmitted disease on or around their genitals

B: someone who is beyond the point of sobriety
Sick fuck: "dude I florched this hooker last night"
Other dude: "you sick fuck!"

Hungover dude: "man I was fuckin' florched last night"
Other dude: "yeah man you were so florched you jumped off the roof!"
by Florch my porch December 17, 2016
The Occurance Of Feces During A Fart
"Dude That Was A Wet Florch..."
"Should I Check?"
by The Queen Of Chodes September 26, 2004
The act of deficating in ones trousers during the great act of flatulence.

"It appears that I have florched"
by Pablo Picante December 12, 2005