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1) A mixture of the word Flock and the word Herd both being the name given to a group of animals.

2) A group of nerds referring especially to a group of intelligent teenagers.

3) The name given to a prominent instagram group known for its diversity and general excellence. @flerdofficial

4) An old english word meaning nonsense and stupidity contradicting its modern meaning of intelligence.
1)look at that flerd in the canteen
2)that flerd is always doing homework in the classroom
3)the flerd account is so exciting
4) what a load of utter flerd!
by FlerdOfficial September 24, 2016
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A combined group of (typically) sheep and cattle. In general, any blended group of grazing animals. A portmanteau of "flock" and "herd".
The sheep kept getting in the way as Ted tried to separate a steer from the flerd.
by farm87 July 13, 2016
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Noun (a flerd): intellectual flirtation engaged in by two nerds
Verb (to flerd): to engage in intellectual flirtation
We exchanged emails in a game of flerdation; it ended in disaster when the nerd on other end decided to take it to the next level: sex.
by kokotte November 10, 2008
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