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someone who Thinks He Has A Bigger Dick Than Everyone Else. And Is Probably a dick himself. Also He's Arrogant, And Cockey.
dude 1.:That Dude's A Pussy. ill beat his ass anyday. He Probably got a small dick, if he even has one. but ya know, No One Has A Bigger one than me.

dude 2: what a fleeter.
by Shadow Problem May 03, 2010
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A person that lives in Wainfleet, Ontario. This is a super country-ish area so people from Wainfleet are usually hicks and inbreds.
Jesse: So, where ya from?
Riley: Wainfleet...
Jesse: Hahaha, Fleeter! So, did you ride your tractor to school today?
by ms.optimusprime3 December 04, 2011
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