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The dog-like character who was one of the four Banana Splits. He loved bones and chasing bikes, until he was killed in '97 by Bill Brasky
Did I ever tell you about the time Bill Brasky and I went hunting? We stalked and murdered every memeber of the Bannana Splits. All of them begged for their lives, except Fleegle.
by Chris Dixon April 18, 2005
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The first stage of a relationship when you are just casually dating. No strings attached.
Apparently of the three stages of relationship fleegle,beegle and deegle
Mary - "omg I just met this hot guy, but imma take it slow and start just at fleegle"
Grace - " yeah, don't jump into beegle, that's always a mistake"
by Jacks256 August 18, 2017
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