Verb, Sexual act, to fledge

The act of ejaculating in the rectum of your sexual partner and slurping it out with a straw.
I heard Shirley and Billy practice fledging, they're so gross.

Sam: That chick is so kinky I fledged her last nigh.
Paul: wtf man?
by kk360 March 15, 2011
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An Elbow drive concentrated directly into the back of an person
yea dude i was walking and fucking that retard kevin fledged me
by TiMiz legit January 03, 2009
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A fledge which is made of wood.

This is a non-sense word, because a fledge itself doesn't exist, so logically a wooden one shouldn't exist either.

see Jabberwocky
You may be winning, but I have a Wooden Fledge!
by Cassidy L November 06, 2007
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Fledge Packer. This word was once used in the film cruel intentions to describe someone of a gay or slightly homosexual nature. It may be used as an insult.
TRAVIS: Your Gay
BOB: hush you little fledge packer!
by Robyn____x September 08, 2006
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