Also know as a 'Goatee'. The Flavor Savor is named due to lingering residual left on the facial hair after oral performing sex on a woman's vagina. The taste and smell can last for hours after eating.
Timmy had female secretion lingering in his flavor savor after visiting with Penelope.
by Ketchupaholic January 13, 2009
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Dude 1: Dude is that cum on your mustache?
Dude 2: Yeah man! Flavor savor from your mom!
by dirtyjerseypilot April 22, 2018
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One who enjoys the remnants of a meal caught in his (or her!) mustache.
by T-Shigga January 9, 2009
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Weekly coupons handed out to your local KFC or other junk food-related restaurants.
Man, Josie scored some dope flavor savors at mickey d's! Now we're gonna get our grub on!
by June 24, 2009
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