A person so obviously gay that even the gayest of the gay people are like, "OMG!!! Look at him! He's SOOO Flaming Gay!!!!"
Person 1: "Jeesh, Nicholas is so obviously gay it hurts my head!!"
Person 2: " Yeah I know! He's OBVIOUSLY Flaming Gay!!!"
by I Am 123 March 25, 2010
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A radical homosexual member of homo sapiens spieces, who holds extentionalist views on erotic aspects of existance
He screamed like girl at the sight of a female bosom, what a flaming gay!
by cruzzerrr May 21, 2008
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Homosexual pirate hooker that was born on whore island. Often wheres blue. Also a Edward Cullen fanatic, who is also flaming blue gay.
by Voltron123 January 1, 2011
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one who is undoubtedly homosexual. everything about screams gay. flamboyant to the extreme. never turns down a cock, prances around like a queer. typical gay guy voice. probabaly dresses prettier then your average girl. its just so much gayness that he is on fire. A loud gay.
Perez Hilton.... unicorns, rainbows, the color pink, anything a 7 year old little girl would be into.

"omg have you seen jake?, what a flaming hot gay!!"
"yeah! he is so gay that it is flaming!"
by based god swag January 1, 2012
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