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Flags are little pieces of colored cloth that are used to create division amongst people.
Flags are handy to use in wars, so you know which side to kill.

A “flag waver” is an overly, misguided patriotic who hangs many flags around the outside of their house, waves them in their hands or attaches them to their vehicles.

Some of the more inbred “Hill Billy,” “Chuckle Head” individuals will even stick a giant flag on a tall pole and attach it to the back of their vehicle so that they can slowly drive around town with the big flag flapping in the wind for all to see.

These “people?” get easily excited and would be the first to verbally send you off to some unjust war to rape and pillage some far away country. These wars are usually created by big businesses that use government politicians as their puppets to make money. These wars/business ventures are really for stealing some other country’s natural resources while killing their inhabitants in the name of “giving them democracy,” eradicating non-existent “weapons of mass-destruction,” etc.

Hitler was really into his flags. During the height of World War II, if you were the one guy on the block who didn’t have your big Nazi flag floating in the wind out front, you could get a one-way ticket to a concentration camp for being a malcontent and unpatriotic.
Lenny is one hell of a flag waver. He just sent his son off to a war to risk his life so our oil companies could get rich. What an idiot...
by Ian De La Rosa July 03, 2013
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1. A scoundrel who uses patriotism as his last refuge;
2. An exhibitionist who flashes his prong to the astonished onlookers; a weenie waver.
1. That flag waver was embezzling from the Defense Department while claiming to support the troops.
2. The little flag waver got 30 days after he was arrested outside the school.
by Cornholio November 04, 2003
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1. a very patriotic person

2. a work of fiction with a patriotic overtone
I am not a flag waver, but I think my country has improved in some aspects.
by The Return of Light Joker December 16, 2007
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