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A Phrase used when someone says something really odd, out of place, stupid, and/or perverted. Usually accompanied by throwing a flag or some other object (napkin, paper, shirt, etc...)
Group of friends, Ray Marcus and Pat chillin
Ray: "Man, I finally got the pussy last night"
Pat: "That's wassup man"
Marcus: "I'm mad at you Ray, last night we were supposed to spend time together"
Ray & Pat "WHOA!!! FLAG ON THE PLAY!!!"
by bliggablaggah February 01, 2011
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When something goes wrong at a party, usually when someone knocks into you and makes you spill your beer. Comes from watching football and the ref throws up his flag in reference to a penalty. Also see party foul
**Ben falls into Ryan knocking over his beer**

Ryan: WTF, Flag on the play dude
by BinRock January 27, 2006
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