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A fight or altercation after drinking up time in Pubs and Clubs around the UK and Ireland. These usually take place in, or around Fish and Chip shops/Fast food joints. Everyone coming from Pubs and Clubs are usually drunk and think they are invincible and are hungry for food and an altercation.
Tom- What the fuck happened you? What's with the 2 black eyes and stitches in the face?

Jim- I went to get something to eat in the Fish and Chip shop about 2am and a crowd of us got involved in 'Fishticuffs' with a few big dudes.
by Graham Wallace April 19, 2008
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the act of fish walking around and fist fight to the death.
I was at the aquarium, and then i saw some fish engage in some CRAAZY fishticuffs. I probably shouldn't have taken all those shrooms.
by DilDough Queefingstein October 22, 2010
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