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While having your anus eaten out by your partner, she reaches around and fingers you.
She loves getting the fishback done to her.
by cody bown? September 11, 2006
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v, The act of bag tagging your boyfriend/spouse's balls in front of his father figure. This is usually followed by a lot of weird explanations and red faces.
Erin fishbacked Rob right in front of his catholic father. The poor bastard.
by bAc0Nb0Y January 25, 2004
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A. The act of crapping your pants on the drive home from an expensive dinner.

B. not being able to make it home in time and crapping yourself, then going into a gas station to buy cigarettes with mud butt

C. To constantly smuckers everything you eat
" I almost made it up my driveway when suddenly I fishbacked right in the car"

Jesse: "it's gonna suck getting old, you can't help fishbacking all the time" Jeremy: " ya I know, I just started fishbacking after staying at payne's"

" I can't wait to get home and Fishback this cannoli"
by G.Traum May 04, 2013
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