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The face that girls make in almost all of there facebook, myspace, personals pictures. Eyes wide lips distorted and puckered like a fish. That makes them look retarded and fake.
Go on facebook and look at any girls photos and there it will be the fish face. You will know it when you see it.
by Pjsmntca April 25, 2010
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1) a phrase that mutually describes a deformed face that looks similarly like a fish, though no apparent fish like features can be seen. It is often associated with one who possesses extreme greediness and disease.

2) An incredibly greedy, insignificant person that leeches off others with fish like features and is disliked by most people. Approach with caution.

3)A mutant freak that greatly portrays greediness and sexual disgust. Extreme greediness is often associated with the organism and insignificance. Uses saliva and spit as a self defense mechanism

Your a fish face! loser!

Michael spits alot and is greedy. Therefore, it is positively clear that he is a fish face.

by Jason Brown November 22, 2005
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A confused look, with a rounded mouth like a guppy fish, often found when brain not functioning well enough to make facial expressions.
Well, whats your answer fishface?!!
by Morgo April 30, 2006
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A type of face with features which somewhat resemble that of a fish. Although a highly subjective term, the list of distinctive "fishy" facial features sometimes includes(but is not limited to) big eyes, set wide apart, a round mouth with large lips, the inability to keep the mouth fully closed, round face, ect.
David Gilmour is a great musician, but that does not take away the fact that he is also a great fish face.
by korpy May 11, 2012
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when someone had a fish bite there face. this leads to fish rabies disease. it causes one of your eyes to fall off(usually the left), you feel the need to kill fish, you eat worms consistently, get a "fish face"(a face that looks like a fish), you grow fins on the back of your neck that continue down to your tail bone, are sexually attracted to amphibians( yes fish have always had a thing for amphibians), grow gills, and after you experience all of that pain you shrink and turn into a fish. A way to avoid such a catastrophe is fishicide, buy it at your local convenience store. Remember if you encounter a friend or family member that has this disease, please don't taunt them. If you taunt them they will kill you. Or rather give you the disease(its as bad as dieing).
"Hey man waz with the fish face?"

"Where's an amphibian?"
"Well there's my pet frog... My god what the hell are you doing to it?!"
by Stuffattack April 29, 2010
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Fish Face is the female version of the tea bag. This is achieved by dropping ones trousers and underwear and placing the vagina on a passed out persons forehead or chin. These areas are in good fun. Doing the fish face on ones nose is considered a criminal offense in Australia and Canada.
I checked my facebook this morning hungover and found pictures of Jocelyn giving me the fish face while I was passed out! FML
by Slippery Richard November 10, 2010
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