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Also referred to as Art Murmur, it's a giant party in downtown Oakland that clogs up Telegraph and Broadway with local artists, sideshows, and the sweet smell of thc. Mostly it's a place where black guys go to get booty calls, punks go to shoulder tap, and hipsters go to pretend like they give a fuck about art.
dude1: you goin to first friday?
dude2: hoodslam?
dude1: no the art thing
dude2: fuck that shit I got free booze at home come over
by alestorm November 12, 2012
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The Friday of the month after welfare checks arrive (1st of the month) The bretheren (errr... lower class) congregate to their favorite dining or Urban niteclub spot to be flossin' $$$$. The rest of the month, it's back to living in their cardboard box homes, eating pork/beans and complaining that society isn't fair to them. Truly Ghetto Fabulous behavior!!!
Are you going out to First Friday over at the club this weekend? The Cristal will flowing in the VIP.
by Joey Hussle May 18, 2006
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At a school with a block schedule the first Friday of the week is Thursday, because it is the last day that you do those classes for the week. The Friday after that, or Second Friday, is the normal Friday of the week. If Friday is a day off then Wednesday becomes First Friday, Thursday becomes Second Friday and Friday either stays Friday or becomes Third Friday.
Happy First Friday!

Man, I'm so glad it's First Friday. That means I don't have math class until Monday!

by Shady J December 18, 2008
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