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A large music festival event in safety harbor florida that happens every third friday of every month. witch can be either alot of fun if you are either older than 21 or younger than 10 but if your in between the only thing that happens their is fights drug/sex parties, drama and more general fagotry that you would expect from the kids of the local schools. i know this because ive witnessed people ive known all my life have drug parties and fight eachother all at the festival. The best time to go to third friday is december in my opinion, they really do a good job on the decorations for christmas. youl probably say F*ck third friday. but your still gonna go anyways.
F*ck third friday. its all drama. you wont wanna miss this
by justplainoldme December 25, 2009
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At schools with a block schedule, Third Friday is only present if Friday is a day off. It is the actual Friday of the week, because Wednesday is the last day you have one set of classes then Thursday is the last day you have the other set of classes, and then there is the real Friday.
If Thursday and Friday are both days off there are still only three possible Fridays (because Thursday is more like a first Saturday); although, First and Second Friday are moved back one day... Third Friday can also be called "normal Friday" or just "Friday."
by Shady J December 18, 2008
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