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Someone who functions as both a firefighter and a paramedic in their department.

That firemedic pulled me from a burning building then shocked my ass back to life.
by shouck84 June 19, 2008
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One who couldn't handle be a fireman, who uses his status of "paramedick" to justify why he get's to wear his bunker gear to fires and car wrecks, when all he does is assume patient care..
Real Man: Hey Frank, you remember that fire off of Clayton and 33rd?

Frank: hell yah we kicked ass and got a good knockdown.

Real Man: shutup fag you put your mask on before you even got out of the truck... and all you did was set up rehab for us real men... you firemedick...

side note: this is not always 100% true, about 3% of medics are actually great firemen
by shimminyhah October 30, 2010
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