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Noun: A military firefighter. Loves to run into fires, saves lives, and bang all the military intelligence chicks. He is also paid well to do this. Hated by all (male intel) while in Technical School.
Some Jealous Intel Fag: "Firedawgs are not your wingmen!"

Hot Intel Chic: "Yea, they find you when you're hot but leave you wet..."

Jealous Intel Fag: "Noooooooo!!!!"
by Midnight_J June 20, 2009
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A very highly trained dod military firefighter. Their motto: Desire, Ability, Courage to Act. Trained in all areas of rescue, firefighter, hazmat etc.
More firedawgs will be deployed to Iraq this summer.
by throwdowntown April 25, 2009
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An individual who is the epitome of an asshat and overall gayness. This individual is the ancestor of salad-tossers and cock-gobblers alike.
I once saw a Firedawg sucking off a tranny.
by FatKidOnCake June 25, 2008
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