A box that contains the most valuable, either monetary or emotionally, items of a collection to be evacuated in the event of a fire/flood/baliff. Originally the tool of a record collector, it can refer to a collection of any kind. Also named "peel box" after the legendary DJ John Peel, and "panic box" in case of ermergency.
"Did you find any wants in my crates?"

"Not really, I'd prefer to see your fire box"
by kutsxratxch November 14, 2005
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Firebox is referred to what one gets when playing with a dirty lady box. Physical contact with the box results in recurring rash with clusters of itchy or painful blistery sores appearing on the the pink oboe, lips, buttcheeks etc
Played all night with her but hell, she had firebox and this morning I'm all itchy and scratchy
by Pancreas December 15, 2006
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A game in which an empty beer case is doused in gasoline or some other flammable liquid, ignited, and kicked at participants or bystanders.
"Nick was playing firebox and his shirt caught on fire."
by shakey smoker November 10, 2006
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