A man who has a unique talent for attracting, scoring, and/or fucking redheaded women (gingers). The term "fire marshal" refers to the act of putting out (satisfying) a ginger's flaming vagina (fire crotch).
John: Holy shit Brad! Isn't that the third ginger Tom has fucked this week?!

Brad: Yeah man, he's a straight up fire marshal!
by A fire marshal May 09, 2009
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"What the hell is this?!?! A gay parade?"
>>"Yea it's pretty flamin. Here comes the fire marshalls now."
by Edgar B September 14, 2005
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A very strong drink, also known as a trip splash which includes light ice, three shots of liquor, and a small splash of mixer used as a mild fire retardant.
Carmen, "While smoking a cigarette, Glen spilled his drink and caught the whole bar on fire."

James, "Well if he would have ordered the Fire Marshall Special with a splash of coke in his 151, the fire never would have happened!"
by TuckDCconnect January 06, 2011
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