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A sex move where the man, while fucking the girl, sets her on fire. When the girl screams for help, the man proceeds to cum on her face.
Man, I totally pulled the fire fighter on her last night!
by NinjaPornStar April 16, 2010
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A person, usually though not always a man, that tends to go around beating up gingers/redheads.
Most high school kids are fire fighters.
by Calderownz November 10, 2011
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1. A public servant who is dedicated to fire prevention, protection of life and property, and public safety.
2. An annoying individual who will not ever shut the hell up about heroism, brotherhood, nozzles, trucks, sacrifice, hooks, and/or ladders, who believes they are some sort of demi-god among men who needs to be worshipped as such, and demands praise constantly for his mere existence, possessing an innumerable amount of bumperstickers, t-shirts, and catalogues that retarded blind men would be able to recognize as pure crap. Easily identifiable because after 30 seconds of being in their presence, they will tell you they are a firefighter, and remind you at 5 second intervals thereafter.
1. The fire department hired 2 new firefighters to even out the staffing roster.
2. Wooooo!!! Send more hose man! Firefighters are heroes! Wooooo!!! I'm a firefighter! I'm in a brotherhood! Woooo! Hey, did I tell you I'm a firefighter? Avert ye eyes, lest ye be blinded! WOOOOOO!!!! Check out my MySpace page!
by nyc14gauge November 03, 2006
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When you're fucking a chick and right before you cum you light her bush on fire a jizz on it to put it out.
Damn man after i gave that girl a firefighter my house smelt like shit.
by Da Pimpest November 21, 2010
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1. A person who's chosen career is to idolize law enforcement officers.

2. A person surrounds his/her self with emblems and talismans. These trinkets are usually plastered on all of their possessions, including but not limited to clothing, jewelry, and body (in the form of tattoos).

1.a. God created cops so firefighters would have heros.

1.b. Firefighter 1: Man I wish I was a cop.

Firefighter 2: Me too... they are just so cool.

2. Bob: That guy is a firefighter.

Joe: how can you tell?

Bob: He's wearing a FDNY shirt and he has those stupid crosses all over his car.

Joe: Oh yea... bet he has one of those stupid crosses tattooed on his shoulder or leg or something too.
by Firefighter 1 January 19, 2009
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Man or woman who has no useful skills other than being willing to follow the instructions of an equally useless captain. Although firefighters are usually regarded as heros, the large majority of them have never saved a single life. Some people regard them as hot even though most of them are fat due to the massive amount of time they spend watching TV and eating. Most of them have little regard for the common citizen and are often bothered when the city residents stop by the fire house to check out how their tax money is being spent.
Jim: I'm gonna spend this entire weekend like a firefighter

Marcus: What? You're gonna be putting out fires?

Jim: Nah, I'm gonna sink into the couch and watch the "Real Wives" marathon
by shoopakabras September 29, 2011
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A firefighter is no more than a person who holds a compassion for their job, a love of their department and a brotherhood with over a million other men and women alike. They are people you can count on, at any time of the day. They are people who take pride in what they do.. only because thast all they know, thats what they were made to know. Theyre not heros... but they are the elctritions, the carpenters, the pipefitters and the butchers... so next time you see a fireman thank them for what they do... whether they are paid or volunteer they didnt have to take that job.... they wanted it....
A firefighter is no more than the man working on your roof, or the brother who died in the line of duty just doing what he or she loved...
by sgb May 14, 2006
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