The stage of being close to ejaculating in a bitch or onto some tissues
I'm finna bust inside you!!!!
by Supanibba April 14, 2018
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When you’re to listen WHEN YOURE FINNA BUST A FAT ONE or to cum In large burst
I’m finna bust cole
by Jdsiiw April 4, 2018
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When one person or multiple ejaculate on an object or another person
by ltes February 19, 2018
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Translated into simple English: I am going to ejaculate all over the place.

This phrase has said to originate from TVFilthyFrank, where he uses this phrase in a song of his called "FINNA BUST A NUT". This phrase means that you are going to masturbate and ejaculate, after your masturbation, everywhere in the room, causing a sticky white mess of semen.
Mike: Bro, finna bust a nut.
Jordan: Yeah bro?

Mike: Yeah bro, be 30 seconds.
Jordan: A'ight bro
** 30 seconds pass**

Mike: Finna busted a nut bro!
by weaponised_autism July 3, 2020
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It means ya bustin. FAT ONE in a girl
I finna bust a nut in yo sisters ass
by Afishal ghost December 1, 2017
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