When someone ends a friendship or relationship actually giving you a reason, verses disappearing without an explanation.
"At least it was finality when Jim said he doesn't want to stay together because I won't put out. My last boyfriend just drifted off and never told me what the problem was."
by catluver42 December 17, 2007
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one last drink, preferably at a new bar, before calling it a day, or night, or weekend, or bender.
Eh dawg eh, let's have a final final at Amestoy's!!!

"Final, final?" "Sure where?"
by franky leatherby August 31, 2006
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Not the final version of a press release.
Jason, is this the final version?
The final final?
The final final final?
Here are some changes.
by Nototerror June 21, 2021
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When one has consumed way too much alcohol but is willing to have one more drink with a friend.
One more drink? Final Final?
by Googles Pseudonym July 12, 2019
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End of term exams that usually last 1-2 weeks. The worst part of existence for a high school or college student.

Finals are an attempt by teachers to prove that you haven't been bullshitting the entire class, which of course you have. Thus, finals week consists of subsisting on copious amounts of caffeine, limited amounts of sleep, and study sheets downloaded from the internet. Also characterized by large amounts of panic and procrastination posts on Facebook and Twitter.

They account for huge fucking amount of your grade, and it is scientifically proven that you never get the grade on your final that you want to.
Bob: I just want finals to be over. This is the worst week of my life.
by wakegirl January 18, 2012
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