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When a chick poops on your dick, and you feed it to her off your dick.
Dude, that chick loves to eat a Filthy Ramirez furiously!
by Louis (LaMigra) January 05, 2006
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Cousin to the famed Dirty Sanchez, this excrement mustache is composed of diarrhea for a fashionable, modern look. Having liquid properties, the mustache tends to flow around the edges of the lips, the leaks creating a nice handlebar stache.
I Filthy Ramirez'd Julie last night and my stache resembled Paco's!
by Van der Bisch March 19, 2011
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When someone knowingly thieves you of 3 grand and you get nothing in return but a huge lawn ornament
oh damn i just got the filthy ramirez and now im out 3,000
by lloyd faber May 09, 2009
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