1) Fucking + Hilarious = Filarious
2) Funny + Hilarious = Filarious
"Did you see that fat kid fall?"
"Hells yeah! That shit was filarious!"
by BMAR May 27, 2006
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origin: truncation of the two words 'fucking' and hilarious'
used when there is minimum time, for maximum impact, as there are only 4 syllables instead of six.
definition: something that has greatly amused you, or continues to do so, would be described as 'f-ilarious'
1. The Office (UK series) is f-ilarious. The US version however, will not be.
2. It was f-ilarious when that drunken fool started ripping down the posters outside my room last night.
3. The world can be made much simpler by using truncated words such as f-hilarious
by Boxman April 13, 2004
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combination of "fucking" and "hilarious". the cool and discreet way to say "fucking hilarious," and if your g-rents ask what it means, you can say "oh...just funny and hilarious combined"
Wow, you should have seen the latest episode of The Office - it was filarious.
by ricegirl February 24, 2008
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oh my god dude, that's so filarious, i think i wet myself in the middle of my anti-non-prejudiced lecture given by dr. Anita Bonghit
by Ebon-x December 05, 2005
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That joke was FILARIOUS!
That was filarious, not hilarious, it's so funny i had to make up a word!!
by Lil Baby Ally August 17, 2003
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