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I thought we were at the bar when a bunch of motorcycles rolled up. When we looked closer it was just a bunch of real estate agents on Harleys. Fikers
by Ernie88 April 04, 2009
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Normally a beautiful Ethiopian girl but sometimes things do go wrong. You are weirdly obsessed with bread, but who doesn't like bread so it is okay. You are able to divide your time in millions of pieces even if you cant understand all these million pieces. If you don't know a Fiker, haha I know six! So name your daughter Fiker.
P.S: It can be a boys name too!
I wish I was a Fiker!
by Marytewd March 09, 2019
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A mix between a Fag and a Biker, mostly in refrence of thier mustache.
JOE:You should shave.
JOE:Cause you look like a fiker!
by leeleebubbub May 23, 2009
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