The common redneck misspelling of Faggot
It generally used by rednecks who can't pronounce faggot.
Hey! you figgot! get off ma lawn!
by N00blet 420 October 11, 2007
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Pronounced Fee-Got

A Figgot is a person who loves Fiat cars.
Example One
Guy One: Pitbull's songs are in all the Fiat commercials.
Guy Two: He must be a Figgot.
Guy One: Yeah, what a Figgot.

Example Two
Guy One: Yo brah, you know anybody good for bud?
Guy Two: Yeah brah, but he drives a Fiat.
Guy One: Yo FxxK you man, I don't want no Figgots.
by @Bl00drushnick January 30, 2014
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Someone who has a passionate sexual desire for the luxurious fruit of the fig tree. They often conpare figs to testicles. Putting the figs in their mouth causes almost instantaneous erections.
I had no idea Gary was such a figgot until he started talking about having surgery to have his balls replaced by figs.
by Christian Writer September 04, 2018
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