Sometime stands for Fetish, in some stories/fanfiction.
Warnings: B-Mod, BDSM, Bond, Fet, Slave
by Izaki May 15, 2010
angel- have you seen the new boy he’s soo fet
lilee-i’m gay
by Charliedanz1 December 15, 2022
A movie that is critically/objectively bad, but also manages to be popular and "good". It is so bad it's somehow good.
by Exam Conflict November 9, 2014
Used as a derivative of “fuck”. A PG-13 more or less.
“Fet. That sucks.”
by Ruc2002 March 15, 2021
A word to use when you cant think of an insult for someone, usually for a chik.
Chik1:I hate that chik she's such a,a,a.......
Chik2: She's a fukin fet
by #1Milkshaker July 28, 2004