Inspiring strong awe, fear or admiration. Also being fiercely hot or attractive.
1. Mike Tyson: I'm just ferocious (after one of his fights)
To be a ferocious warrior

2. Britney Spears - I'm ferocious (Song: Everybody)
by MatthewVanzin December 22, 2011
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The most fiercest ever! *( As in "hawt " as h#ll) , Sexy, Excitingly scintillating,
"Hawt!" , Sexy, Hip, Fresh, Sexy "OMG! She is Ferocious as h#ll!"
by JAIPHOTO February 15, 2009
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Very aggressive or violent man; very strong.

From Latin word FEROX: Courageous, Spirited, Strong, Warlike, Gallant.

IOUS: This suffix means having or being like the word it follows.


First known use: 1646
Synonym: Fierce
A man driven by ferocious determination.

"But if you are ferocious in battle, remember to be magnanimous in victory."
Colonel Tim Collins, British Army Officer
by SmartBastard January 23, 2012
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He was bitten by a ferocious beast.
by theperm March 13, 2005
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Ferocious is the new fierce of course. The gay community monopolized the usage of the word fierce to describe all things exceptionally fashionable, "cunty", attractive, cutting edge, fantastic, eye-opening and attention worthy. Ferocious is the new and updated version of fierce. Its harder and edgier. Wonderful. Beyond expectation
Ex.1: Did you just see the way she walked into the party with her stiletto heels and kicked her scumbag cheating BF to the curb in front of everyone? she's ferocious.

Ex. 2: What do you mean you scored us comped front row seats to the Madonna concert? You're ferocious.
by dkonstruxion August 20, 2006
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