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archaic second person singular pronoun version of You. While You was originally used for plural or formal speach thou was used for personal use.
to a friend
What dost thou want?
Thou be'st mine brethren, and i shall love thee.
by theperm March 13, 2005

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to be rage filled, ravenous
He was bitten by a ferocious beast.
by theperm March 13, 2005

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1. (adv) With Certainty and easy to believe.
2. (adv) With high probability.
ETYMOLOGY: 1990s alteration of probably
1 "He will prolly go out with the beautiful
2 "A Dinosaur will prolly never eat a human."
by Theperm January 13, 2004

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Alot, contracting two words can save alot of time.
If I must spell Alot as "a lot" then you motherfuckers must spell Nobody "No body" and Anyone "Any one". Contraction conventions should be pretty universal. Its not retarded its lingual evolution.
Allot and alot have two different meanings.
by theperm December 06, 2007

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