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The name given to the pube and the group of pubes around the asshole.
My ferf was caked with shit after last night's indian chicken curry.
by Gongasoso February 19, 2015
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Texting your friend a sentence-sized word when you're too lazy to respond, don't know what to say, you want to avoid the subject, and/or you don't care what they're talking about. Usually includes the word "ferf" at the middle or end of the word, but can be omitted once ferfing is normal between the friends.
Jack: Hey, what's up?
Jill: 09346hnusrgnf457jnkdxfi";joiferf.

Jack: Hey, do you wanna go on a date with me?
Jill: podfjhn3#@%binasd*gyu9bdsiugnferf.

by thatlittletv April 04, 2011
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a very fat melatian animal that eats a lot and sleeps most of the day but for some reason it is not nocturnal.
Chris the Ferf the crapping Smerf
by never u mind May 09, 2004
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The girls relationship had ended badly, so her family took her out to cheer her up. I was their waiter and after work, her family took me along for some drinks, and after a long night of drinking, I ended up being her FERF.
by AnonymousFERFperson December 21, 2011
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Mother: "Jane, you've been so sad ever since you and John broke up, why don't you go out with that waiter, he seems cute"
Jane: "What is this mom, a FERF?"
by Dhules December 21, 2011
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